Personal Training


Personal training is just that...personal.  It is individualized and specific instruction geared to meet each client's needs.  Much like a sports coach, a personal trainer is a teacher and motivator.  Many trainers are qualified to provide fitness testing, exercise instruction (including cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and functional training), as well as general nutritional counseling.

Helping people reach their health and fitness goals is a process; it requires time, energy and an ongoing commitment.  Results will vary from person to person and may include the following:

  1. Increased Energy

  2. Increased Lean Body Mass (Muscle, Bone, etc...)

  3. Decreased Body Fat

  4. Increased Muscuilar Strength and Endurance

  5. Increased Flexibility and Improved Posture

  6. Increased Metabolism

  7. Decreased Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer

  8. Improved Sleep

  9. Improved Self Esteem

  10. Improved Mental Alertness